Technical information

Material Dimensions

ES Salmon leather is available in custom made panels / fabric that is 100% usable or as an individual skin.

Several different patented seaming and adhesion processes are used to join the skins together in order to accommodate its diverse uses.


Physical Properties

Properties Unit Specification Result
Thickness mm 0.4 – 0.6 0.51
Tensile strength (pull) kgf/mm² 1.5 minimum 3.68
Resistance to tearing / ripping kgf/mm 6.0 minimum 10.4
Elongation / stretch capacity % 40 minimum 68
Distension mm 7.0 minimum 13.8
Adhesion resistance kgf / 25mm 4.1 minimum 22.14

The results show that ES Salmon Leather strengths are comparable to that of cow leather of the same thickness.