Chilote | House Shoe

Chilote-House-Shoe-es-1 The “Chilote House Shoe”  is a mash-up design, incorporating several sustainable principles that create synergy between the local culture and resources in the Chilean Patagonia.

This simple yet beautiful product is both culturally beneficial and environmentally responsible.

The Chilote Shoe was designed to stimulate and help evolve local craft, in spite of the encroaching new industries in the region. Only local renewable resources and simple traditional techniques are used to produce the product, which has broad universal appeal.

Local wool from free range Patagonian sheep and tanned natural salmon skin are the only materials used to manufacture this product. The simplicity of the design is inspired by the amazing qualities of the materials used.

premio-Chile-Diseno First place design award winner by QVID.



Product materials and production

Natural wool:wool-texture

  • insulates better than any other organic material
  • absorbs moisture and repels water
  • filters air allowing skin to breathe
  • self cleans
  • is completely biodegradable
  • is died with local roots, barks and flowers instead of aniline

Salmon leather:salmon-texture

  • is extremely durable and resilient
  • can feel as soft as suede and is very flexible
  • has aesthetic qualities with its natural scale patterns
  • is a repurposed by-product of the farmed salmon industry.

Completely hand made:

The whole process is simple and completely transparent providing balanced benefits for all parties involved.

  • the wool is bought from local farmers (when available) or from organic providers nearby
  • the wool is then hand cleaned and spun into the Chilota style yarn used to knit the shoe bodies
  • the salmon skin is tanned and hand cut into a sole shape leaving excess salmon leather strips
  • the excess strips that remain are homogenized and used to attach the sole to the wool shoe

note: extra strips are provided for user personalization, adaptations or repairs if needed



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