About Salmon Leather


At ES our mission is to practice and promote the use of sustainable innovation as a process for cultural, environmental and economic development. Sustainable design is our core competency and the common thread uniting every partner and activity we undertake.

We pride ourselves on following fair-trade principals, which create a synergy between local culture and industry; that respects local cultural values and stimulates ethical economic growth in the Chilean Patagonia, a pristine and untouched environment known for its unique beauty.

ES Salmon Leather is a noble and versatile material, made by repurposing salmon skin which was previously discarded by the commercial salmon industry. The leather has some truly unique aesthetic and physical qualities, not only is it tough, it is very flexible.

Depending on the clients needs different seaming and adhesion techniques are applied to fashion large panels or rolls of leather, available in virtually any color combination.

Our specialized layout and seaming process minimizes waste and maximizes strength and versatility, enabling the material to be in many industries from interior design, upholstery and fashion.

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